Types of Infractions

follow Speeding-Tickets


The Speed Limit laws are codified in RCW 46.61.400 – Basic Rule and Maximum Limits.

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HOV/Car Pool Lane Violations

The High Occupancy Vehicle / Car Pool Lane laws are codified in RCW 46.61.165 – High occupancy vehicle lanes — Definition.


Parking Tickets

Parking violations are often cited under the local municipally code of the city where the violation occurred.


School Zones

The Speeding in a School Zone laws are codified in RCW 46.61.440 – Maximum speed limit when passing school or playground crosswalks — Penalty, disposition of proceeds.


Stop Signs

The Stop Sign laws are codified in RCW 46.61.190 – Vehicle entering stop or yield intersection.


Illegal U-Turns

The U-Turn laws are codified in RCW 46.61.295 – “U” turns.


Red Light Cameras

The Red Light laws are codified in RCW 46.61.055 – Traffic Control Signal Legend, and are enforced under RCW 46.63.170 – Automated Traffic Safety Cameras, as well some local municipal codes.