Richard S.- I met Mr Rashandel quite incidentally. I had just gotten a camera speeding ticket and was venting about it as just part of a conversation. At this juncture Rooein mentioned that he was a lawyer and was focusing on traffic/speeding tickets. When I asked him if he had a chance for lowering my fine or getting the ticket dismissed he said there was a good chance for both. I hired him on the spot. He worked on my case for 2-3 weeks and got the ticket completely dismissed. I will contact him again if I am ever in a similar situation. Thank you Rooein!

Alex- Rooein was very professional and handled my case in a timely matter. Rooein was responsive and clear with his explanations as to my options and how things would proceed once I’d contacted him. There were some specifics to my case that led me to believe I wasn’t going to get the best possible outcome, but he pulled through and got my case dismissed outright (I was expecting at-best a non-moving violation). I’m extremely satisfied with my outcome and I’ll be using him if/when I get my next ticket!

Michael B.- I have found working with Mr. Roshandel was smooth and I was especially pleased with his good communication skills: from explaining the details of my case clearly to his return communications being diligent, prompt and easy to understand. I could not give him a higher recommendation. He is a throw back to the days of yesteryear with his personal customer service, what a breath of fresh air that is!

Roxana- I got a School Zone speeding ticket. The price tag was high and everyone told me it was very difficult to fight this kind of ticket. Mr. Roshandel was able to reduce my speeding ticket to a non-moving violation (so it does not go on my records). He was also able to reduce the fine significantly. His communications with me were professional and efficient. He explained the steps and kept me informed throughout the process. Happily recommend him!

K. Paul- I hired Mr. Roshandel to handle a minor traffic violation. He was quite knowledgeable and was great at explaining all the options I had available. He was also fairly fast in responding to my calls. Once I hired him I didn’t have to worry about anything as he kept me informed about all the procedures.